30 May 2008

Cergas = Alif Ranun’s Second Letter

Salam ya sohabat…

Actually I wanna share with u all about one paragraph I got today. I took it from a book (Insan Ingatlah, author: Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat)

“Tidak memadai meminta maaf sekadar berkata saya minta maaf, sedangkan penditilan terhadap segala kesalahan tidak disebut dengan nyata. Maka mohon maaf seperti itu tidak memenuhi syarat, ia dianggap sebagai minta maaf secara tradisi, seperti orang minta maaf pada hari raya. Keadaan itu tidak akan diafahami oleh orang yang telah dimaksudkan, kesalahan yang mana dan bagaimana yang telah dilakukan.”

This paragraph makes me remember two things.
1. When I was in SRAI
2. Current situation

1. When I was in primary school; Sek. Ren. Islam Al-Irsyad, there is a day, all students of the year 6 students must gather in the musolla. I can’t remember the details, but there is some kind of a slot; each student has to confess about certain things. When it was my turn, I said that I’m sorry to a friend. But my teacher said to detailed the confession. I realized that it is very hard for a person to make a confession. I am sure it is because of it involves ‘maruah’ and ego. A person would think of the consequences after they confessed. How they will be treated and think by everybody else and especially the person they apologized to. When I relate this situation with the paragraph, now I understood why I must detailed my apology. (of course in the situation I detailed it and it made me cry because of the fault I’ve done)

2. What I mean by current situation is apologize among sohabat. Especially among muslimat (girls). (I don't know for muslimeen). It is common for muslimat here kiss other muslimat cheeks when they met or after prayer in jamaah. I noticed that they like to apologize to each other. I admit, this is a very good behaviour. But for me this situation is like apologize in hari raya. Or we can say it as Adat or tradition. Its like apologizing for nothing. The person doesn’t know what is the fault.

It is normal in sohabat relationship (or friendship), there will be good and hard times. If you want to apologize, please detail it. The person have a right to know. If not, I suggest you not to apologize, instead you pray for him or her to be calm and blessed by ALLAH S.W.T.

1 MAY 2008