11 October 2007

alif_ra_nun first letter

With the name of ALLAH, The Most Beneficent and The Most Merciful..

Special for all sohabat[1] my team. This is just my story.. if u feel like don’t want to read it, I don’t mind.

Well, I ‘ve been receiving many sms or messages from sohabat. The messages show how they miss me and other sohabat very much. It just made me wonder, why don’t I feel just the way they feel (miss sohabat very much)?.

Is it because of I’ve used to walk or go anywhere and do anything alone. Obviously, I don’t have very very close buddies like other girls use to have (from zahir la, but the truth I have many friends although I always walk alone)?. And is it because of I don’t ihtimam[2] with their businesses? It also might be because of I always do anything for my own sake, my own benefit.

Then when I enter university, I met a friend. A friend that is really really close to me. We are in the same class, same block, even in the same usrah[3]. Everything that I learned from being a sohabat during matric times, I want to practice it here. One of the things that I learned during matric times is ziarah[4]. For example when a sohabat is sick, I never ever thought to visit her at the first place. But other sohabat ask me to visit, and so I did it. Likewise, I am very good in following orders and agree with other sohabat’s point of view.

So back to the story, lets just call the friend of mine is Najm. At one time Najm become sick, I’m very worried about her. I always visit her, and often many times per day. Can you believe that, I never ever done anything like that before to other sohabat. Moreover, I always went to her room to berqaryah[5] for many days.. bla bla bla…

To summarize it, I really am concerned and worried about her sometimes. I even missed her very much although we haven’t seen just for a few hours.

To think of that, I thought about other sohabat’s feelings who are far away from me. Surely they missed me and others very very much.

Here are some message from alif_ra_nun to you ya sohabat (either muslimin au muslimat)…

I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done.

- for not concern about ya’ll

- for not understand your problems

- for always being selfish even though I know rukun ukhuwwah (sekarang ana ingat itsar je huhu.. :)

- and many more laa..

And.. Thank you for everything

- for helping me

- for being patience to my habit

- for reminding me

- for being a star that shows me where to go..

- for your time

- and many more

From ha’s article, I would like to restate the hadith

From Anas, Rasulullah S.A.W said : There are three things that whoever got it within them, they will get halaawatul iman[6]; Allah and His Rasul are the most that he love; love someone else nothing more than because of Allah; and don’t want to get back to kufr after being saved by ALLAH just as he don’t want to be thrown into the hell. (Bukhari and Muslim).. please tell me if I translated the hadith wrongly.

Let us together search for Allah’s love.. and love others (whether they are bad or good, muslim or non-muslim) because of Allah. Even, from ‘basmalah’, one of the meaning of ‘ilah’ is the centre of love (tumpuan cinta) (taken from my munaqashah of halaqah usrah).

Imam Nawawi stated that whoever that doesn’t love others the way they love themselves means that they are ‘pendengki’… you can search it in hadith 40 kitab (the 13th hadith of the kitab). Haha assignment. Actually I want to write more, but len kali jela I continue ek.. J

Uhibbukum FiLlah..

Kullu ‘am wa anntum bikhair

Ramadhan Kareem!

Eid Mubarak!

Wallahu ‘alam. J




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[1] Friend

[2] Ambil berat

[3] Family

[4] Visit

[5] kampung

[6] The sweetness of iman